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Flight Instructor FI(H)

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Professionally one step ahead…with a helicopter FI(H) rating. Wether you are entering the industry or building on you existing career an instructor rating will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Babcock MCS Germany GmbH is one of the few flight training schools in Europe offering you training as a helicopter pilot at a fixed price! With personal supervision by a permanent contact person and experienced flight teachers, we guide you through the theoretical and practical flight training until you acquire your license.

Flight Instructor Pilot Training on the Guimbal Cabri G2

Babcock MCS Germany GmbH provides globally one of the largest Cabri G2 fleet used in the training operation of an aviation school and can thus act extremely flexibly during training of helicopter pilots. With its 3-blade main rotor and Fenestron tail rotor, the French helicopter is particularly agile and has been highly praised in the trade press.


Training packages

Babcock MCS Germany GmbH offers the training in each case at a fixed price if you complete the training within the legally required specifications.Our Training packages include comprehensive teaching material, theory lessons, 30 flight hours including flight instructor, landing fees at Augsburg airport and briefing fees.

Content of Training FI(H)

The training for a Flight Instructor FI(H) is composed of theoretical and practical training.

Babcock MCS Germany GmbH conducts the theoretical and practical training in parallel so that the flight trainees can understand the complex correlations more easily through practical implementation.

Theoretical training

According to EASA PART-FCL regulations, the theoretical training includes at least 125 hours. The experienced flight instructors of Babcock MCS Germany GmbH have prepared the theory in accordance with legal requirements in order to provide the training in a compact but nevertheless comprehensive manner. The theoretical training includes the following specialisations:

Flight Instructor FI (H) License | commercial pilot training | helicopter pilot | pilot course | helicopter training | pilot school | flying lessons | flight academy
  • Learning process
  • Principles of training
  • Applied learning methodology
  • Development of training programmes
  • Risks and malfunctions when conducting a flight
  • Night flight training
  • Administration matters in the training


Practical flight training

The practical training for flight instructor requires 30 flying hours. These must be undertaken as described in the following:

  • 25 flying hours with an authorised flight instructor
  • The remaining five hours can be conducted as joint flight training (i.e. two candidates fly together and perform flying manoeuvres).

 The emergency procedures and a navigation flight are normally undertaken with the concluding test flight.


We will be happy to answer any further questions about training via e-mail or directly by phone.