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Babcock Training Academy

The work of a helicopter pilot is one of the most difficult and unique in the world.
To be able to fulfil all physical and mental requirements of this profession, helicopter pilots de­pend 100% on the level of their training, be it either basic or advanced.
Basics need to be set at the beginning of a career and determine the quality and performance of each individual and the ability to accomplish missions safe and successful.
Building on that, specialisa­tion and continuous training of these basics is indispensable to guaranty for good piloting in any situation and at any time.

The international Babcock TRAINING ACADEMY which is operated by Babcock MCS Germany is located in Augsburg, Germany. Our aim is to provide complete initial, high-quality helicopter train­ing for private and professional pilots from all seven continents.
Furthermore the scope of our training catalogue covers type ratings on various single and multiengine helicopters, mission trainings such as external load, fire-fighting, surveillance, tactical flying and mountain training.

Our cooperation with Airbus Helicopters, the market-leading helicopter manufacturer in the world, enlarges our spectrum of services and allows for a large range of type rating and training options comprising various Airbus Helicopters models.

What distinguishes us

Working with the Babcock International Training Academy you also have access to the combined experience gained from instructing students from all over the globe and throughout the year – every year.
With flight training taking place at busy airports as well as in the Alps and at our subsidiaries, our demanding courses prepare our students for every environment.
Therefore governmental institutions from various parts of the world rely on our training to keep their skies and citizens safe already.