Babcock MCS Germany


Helicopter Training and Services

If you are looking for a reliable partner for helicopter services and helicopter training with experience in training pilots from all over the world for helicopter ppl(h) and cpl (h) private and commercial helicopter pilot licenses, then Babcock MCS Germany is the perfect partner for you.

Flying helicopters is not just a way of getting from A to B, flying helicopters is a way of life. Those people predestined to learn to fly helicopters are those with the shining eyes when leaving their first flight in a helicopter. It is this fascination and passion for flying combined with the competence of years of experience as a top class helicopter flying school that makes Heli Aviation a top address for taking helicopter tuition. Our experience with our worldwide largest fleet of Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters, with which we have the largest number of flying hours, make us not only good in the theory you need for receiving a helicopter pilot’s licence but also in the aspects of practical in-flight helicopter use. In our helicopter flight academy we provide tuition for private and commercial pilot licenses. Our customers range from young people with a  passion for the vertical take-off and landing specialist rotorcraft, commercial helicopter pilots who are training to be able to offer passenger flights, helicopter training for members of governmental authorities, preparing hobby pilots for flying to those who make helicopter flying their profession, like for example with police helicopter training. All our helicopter instructors and staff are very friendly and our helicopter tuition is provided in the English language. We enjoy meeting people from all different places in the world and welcoming them in our facilities.

With our headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, situated in close proximity to Donauwörth, which is where the headquarters of one of the largest helicopter manufacturers in Europe is to be found, and with branches and subsidiaries in Emden (Germany), Wallerstein (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Tianjin (China) and Kowloon (Hong Kong) at Heli Aviation GmbH we have a wealth of international helicopter training and service experience. In addition to our professional helicopter flight school, where we give helicopter instruction to people from all over the world, we of course offer helicopter charter flights for a vast number of occasions, including VIP shuttle services. in support of offshore air medical services, We have decades of experience in aerial filming, whether this is the airborne inspection of power and pipelines, the provision of helicopter filming services in support of offshore oil and gas transport for example to oil rigs or TV, movie and film flights for television and cinema productions, documentaries etc. or aerial photo flights for and with professional photographers, for general use or media use or for surveillance and security purposes. Search and rescue operations (SAR), firefighting, flightseeing, disaster relief efforts, sling-load helicopter flights, fire-fighting flights and express and freight flights all belong to the long list of our helicopter services,

Our facilities are top quality, our helicopters technically reliable and our safety record immaculate.

In addition to our professional services at Heli Aviation we of course also provide the classic helicopter sightseeing tours and scenic trips and helicopter gift vouchers for anniversaries, birthdays and business gifts and trial flights where experienced flight instructors accompany you on your first taste of rotary action at the controls of the helicopter.

Heli Aviation is your quality partner for top helicopter flight schooling and quality helicopter services.